• sally-phillips-main_article_image.jpg

    Sally Phillips: How I became a Christian


    The comedy actress known for her roles in Miranda and Bridget Jones talks about her Christian conversion and her campaign for Down’s syndrome equality

  • Peter-Gladwin-main_article_image.jpg

    From Hopeless Addict To Passionate Evangelist


    A series of terrible tragedies in his early years led to Peter Gladwin’s addictions to gambling and alcohol. Having lost all hope, he came close to suicide. Then, one telephone call changed everything

  • rahil-patel-main_article_image.jpg

    Rahil Patel: From Hindu priest to peace-filled Christian


    Rahil Patel decided to become a Hindu priest. But inner peace eluded him – until he walked into a church

  • my-story-jarvis-main_article_image.jpg

    From drug addict to daughter of the King


    Former Page 3 girl Susie Flashman Jarvis tells her story of leaving behind the worlds of modelling and drugs.

  • faith-explored-christian-main_article_image.jpg

    The Christian: Why I left the Mormon Church to follow Jesus


    Lynn K Wilder served in the Mormon Temple and as an LDS professor in Utah. She explains what convinced her to leave.

  • my-story-main_article_image.jpg

    From witchcraft to Christ


    From birth, David Ole Kereto’s life was marked out. He was to become a witch doctor, like his father, but God intervened.

  • islam-main_article_image.jpg

    The convert: Why I left Islam to follow Jesus


    Former Muslim Nabeel Qureshi explains how his search for the truth about Jesus in scripture led to his conversion.

  • Javaid-Khan-main_article_image.jpg

    From Muslim to persecuted Christian


    Asylum seeker Javaid Khan, 36, tells of his conversion from Islam to Christianity, and the consequences of following Jesus Christ.

  • rebellion-main_article_image.jpg

    From rebellion to freedom


    International Christian speaker Danielle Strickland rebelled against her parents and God during her teenage years, becoming embroiled in a life of drugs and crime. An encounter with Jesus in a prison cell changed everything.

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    Interview: John Lennox


    Professor John Lennox is a top Oxford Mathematician. He is also a committed Christian. He chats to Justin Brierley about his debates with Richard Dawkins, his own journey of faith and why Christianity makes sense of science, life and the Universe.

  • why4-main_article_image.jpg

    Interview: Alister McGrath


    Alister McGrath, scientist and theologian, talks to Justin Brierley about his journey to Christian faith from atheism and his work defending Christianity against Dawkins and the new atheists.

  • why1-main_article_image.jpg

    Why I Believe - Os Guinness


    Justin Brierley talks to Os Guinness, author and social critic.

  • why2-main_article_image.jpg

    Interview: Tim Keller


    Tim Keller is a New York Pastor and the best-selling author of “The Reason for God”. He chats to Justin about the doubts he has dealt with in his own Christian journey and the reason for the hope he has.