This week in the UK, discussions are taking place in Parliament around various aspects of the Criminal Justice Bill. One of the most contentious areas is around a couple of tabled amendments* that would remove offences that make it illegal for a woman to perform a self-abortion at any point through to birth. There’s lots to unpack about the potential decriminalisation of abortion, the ethical questions around a fetus’s right to life and a woman’s choice. Even if we can agree on when life begins how do we navigate the rights of the mother and the unborn child. Andy Kind is joined by Lois McLatchie, Senior Legal Communications Officer at ADF, and Ellie Lee, Professor of Family and Parenting Research, SSPSSR, the Director for Centre for Parenting Culture Studies and the co-author of Parenting Culture Studies.

*Since this show was recorded the proposed amendments discussed in this show have been withdrawn. The matter has been postponed to the Report stage of the Criminal Justice Bill. However, it is anticipated that similar amendments will be reintroduced during the floor debate in the House of Commons, where all Members of Parliament are expected to vote on the matter.


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