We revisit a riveting dialogue from Season 4 of The Big Conversation, from 2022. With their diametrically opposed beliefs on the ideas around God’s existence, Francis Collins, a geneticist who found faith in Christianity, and Richard Dawkins, renowned atheist author and evolutionary biologist debate biology, belief and COVID: can science and fight be reconciled? We also look at Dawkins’ recent exchange with Christian philosopher Richard Swinburne, as a natural extension to some of the issues discussed with Francis Collins, and will also give you a sneak peek of an exhilarating two-parter coming up in Season 5 of The Big Conversation: a debate on a pressing contemporary topic!


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Watch the full “Mystery of Existence” discussion, featuring Dawkins and Swinburne:

Part One: https://www.premierunbelievable.com/unbelievable/unbelievable-the-mystery-of-existence-why-is-there-something-rather-than-nothing-part-1-with-richard-dawkins-jessica-frazier-silvia-jonas-richard-swinburne-and-jack-symes/16076.article

Part Two: https://www.premierunbelievable.com/unbelievable/unbelievable-the-mystery-of-existence-where-did-natural-environments-and-complex-organisms-came-from-part-2-with-richard-dawkins-jessica-frazier-silvia-jonas-richard-swinburne/16119.article


For the book “Coming to Faith Through Dawkins”: https://www.kregel.com/biography/coming-to-faith-through-dawkins/


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