Featuring four of the biggest names in philosophy and biology Unbelievable presents the second part of “The Mystery of Existence” a riveting debate showcasing the intellectual prowess of four eminent figures in the realm of biology and philosophy: Richard Dawkins (representing science and atheism), Jessica Frazier (on Hinduism), Silvia Jonas (speaking on Jewish philosophy), and Richard Swinburne (defending Christianity).

The origin of our universe is the greatest mystery of all. The second part of this special debate discusses what is the origin of life? Why is there something rather than nothing? This remarkable two-part series is a collaboration with The Panpsycast Philosophy Podcast and has been made possible, in part, by the Global Philosophy of Religion Project at the University of Birmingham.

Hosted by Ruth Jackson of Unbelievable and presented by Jack Symes of Panpsycast, this Unbelievable special ‘The Mystery of Existence’ offers profound insights and perspectives on origins and meaning. If you missed the first part of this enthralling debate, titled “Why is there something rather than nothing?” be sure to catch up here.


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