The question of the historicity of Jesus’ resurrection has been repeatedly investigated, probed, and discussed. This week on Unbelievable we will add to the debate by asking ‘Did it really happen – the Resurrection of Jesus?’ dissecting the narratives of Jesus’ death and Resurrection. We’ve got two eminent scholars – who are good friends but with diametrically opposed beliefs on the authenticity of this pivotal event that forms the basis for the Christian worldview. 

Dr. Mike Licona, a New Testament scholar, an expert on the intricate details of events surrounding the death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ in first century Palestine, examines their historical reliability.  Dr. Larry Shapiro a sceptic on such matters, challenges these assertions and offers alternative explanations that he believes are more plausible.   

The show also tackles reconciling discrepancies in the Resurrection accounts - does that strengthen or weaken the arguments that these events happened?   

And even if the historical reliability of ancient texts is established, can we apply these texts to 21st century life from a philosophical perspective? Dr. Mike Licona presents the evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus. If the Resurrection happened, and Jesus conquered death for all who put their trust in Him it’s a question we cannot not ignore.  


Prof. Larry Shapiro:

Larry Shapiro is the Berent Enç Professor of Philosophy at the University of Wisconsin — Madison. 


PhilPeople Profile:

Mike Licona:

Mike Licona is Professor of New Testament Studies at Houston Christian University and President of Risen Jesus, Inc.

X: @DrMikeLicona

Facebook: @DrMikeLicona

Youtube: @MikeLiconaOfficial

Instagram: @drmikelicona

Tik Tok: @mikelicona3 


Books mentioned:

The Resurrection of Jesus: A New Historiographical Approach (IVP Academic) 

Jesus, Contradicted: Why the Gospels tell the same story differently (Zondervan Academic, coming out May 28)


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