How should we understand Old Testament accounts of warfare and violence where God seems to command the slaughter of men, women and children?

Paul Copan, author of ‘Is God A Vindictive Bully?’ aims to show why the Old Testament accounts, severe as they may seem, are not incompatible with Jesus in the New Testament. Randal Rauser, author of ‘Jesus Loves Canaanites’, says that too many ‘apologists for genocide’ are defending the indefensible and argues for an alternative reading of scripture.

They discuss whether the warfare passages are hyperbolic, whether non-combatants would have been killed, and whether the term ‘genocide’ is appropriate.


For ‘Is God a Vindictive Bully?’ by Paul Copan:

For ‘Jesus Loves Canaanites’ by Randal Rauser:

For Paul Copan’s debate with Greg Boyd in 2018: Part 1 & Part 2


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