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    Unapologetic #73 Peter Byrom: Dawkins’ argument from complexity


    In the final part of their discussion, Peter Byrom delves into Dawkins’ argument from complexity, suggesting it may be a circular assumption. They unpack Dawkins’ fascinating exchange with Francis Collins in 2022, where Dawkins admits he may have a presupposition towards materialism. Plus, what does the future hold?

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    Unapologetic #72 Peter Byrom: Disillusioned with Dawkins


    Peter Byrom continues to share his faith journey as told in the chapter he contributed to Coming to Faith Through Dawkins. He discloses how challenging Richard Dawkins on why he wouldn’t debate William Lane Craig led to him becoming something of a YouTube sensation! Peter also shares why he believes apologetics is important and what the final nail in his atheist coffin was.

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    Unapologetic #71 Peter Byrom: Discovering Dawkins


    In the first episode of this three-part series, Peter Byrom shares his fascinating story as told in the chapter he contributed to Coming to Faith Through Dawkins. He outlines how he encountered the apologist William Lane Craig via the New Atheists and discusses his growing disillusionment with Dawkins’ “devastating” argument from complexity.

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    Unbelievable? Ask William Lane Craig Anything


    Renowned Christian thinker William Lane Craig answers listener questions on a live edition of the show. He responds to questions on philosophy, Adam & Eve, suffering, the worst argument for God and more. Plus we hear from Jeremiah J Johnston on the 7 best reasons to believe in the resurrection.

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    The Moral Argument - does God explain moral facts better than atheism?


    Apologist Clinton Wilcox shares two iterations of the moral argument, which he believes help point us to the existence of God

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    Apologetics: What is it and how do we use it?


    It’s not about saying sorry. Joel Furches says making an intellectual defence for Christian faith has a long history

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    Ask NT Wright Anything #136 Talking to kids about New Creation & responding to William Lane Craig


    Tom Wright answers listener questions on how to teach children about new creation, where our loved ones go after they die, and responds to a critique from William Lane Craig in a replay of an early edition of the show from 2018. 

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    Classic Replay: William Lane Craig vs Peter Atkins debate


    From October 2011, the full recording of the final debate of the UK Reasonable Faith Tour: William Lane Craig is a Christian philosopher, Peter Atkins is an atheist scientist.  In this their second encounter, they debated arguments for and against the existence of God.