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    Unbelievable? - William Lane Craig vs AC Grayling debate on God & Evil


    William Lane Craig & AC Grayling debated at the Oxford Union in 2005. Does the existence of evil and suffering in the world preclude the existence of the Christian God?

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    Unbelievable? - Can Christian morality inform secular society?


    Lord Richard Harries is a life peer in the British House of Lords and the former Bishop of Oxford. His book “The Re-enchantment of Morality” has been shortlisted for this year’s Michael Ramsey Prize for theological writing.

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    Unbelievable? - Os Guinness & Mary Warnock debate religious freedoms


    Os Guinness is an author, cultural critic and Christian apologist. He co-founded the Trinity Forum which “seeks to transform society through the transformation of leaders”. Baroness Mary Warnock is a moral philosopher and atheist. She is a cross bench peer in the House of Lords and an influential voice arguing for liberalisation of euthanasia laws. Her book “Dishonest to God” argues that religious and theological issues should have no place in issues of public morality, covering euthanasia, assisted suicide, and abortion.

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    Unbelievable? - Assisted dying & euthanasia debate


    hould people suffering from terminal illness or in terrible pain be allowed to take their own life? Should doctors help them?

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    Unbelievable? - Psychology of religion


    s belief in the supernatural inherent from birth? Is Christianity a psychological crutch or a path to emotional wholeness? Is God belief simply a result of evolution? Would it make belief untrue if it were?

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    Unbelievable? Peter Hitchens “The Rage Against God”


    Peter Hitchens is a writer and regular columnist for the Mail on Sunday. Unlike his atheist brother Christopher, Peter is a committed Christian having himself been an atheist in younger years.

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    Unbelievable ? - “Is Christianity good for us?” Michael Shermer vs. David Robertson


    Are societies better off with the influence of Christianity? Are Christians more caring than atheists? What role should faith play in society?

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    Unbelievable ? - Where was God in Haiti?


    Hundreds of thousands died in the Haiti earthquake of Jan 2010. Many more are still suffering. So where was God?

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    Unbelievable ? - Abortion - Pro-choice Evan Harris MP vs Pro-life Sarah Macken


    A re-broadcast of a compelling debate with listener input on the issue of abortion.

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    Unbelievable ? - Does religion make people unhappy?


     Many “New Atheists” have written books claiming that Christianity is bad for people.

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    Unbelievable? Euthanasia


    Former UK Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt recently tabled an amendment to the Coroners and Justice Bill seeking to allow people not to be prosecuted for aiding others to die at overseas euthanasia clinics.

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    Unbelievable? Todd Bentley and the Lakeland ‘revival’


    Justin is joined again by Charismatic Christian Gerald Coates, “Cessationist” Christian Mark Johnston and agnostic skeptic Stephen Pilcher. They discuss the healing revival occuring in Lakeland Florida under the ministry of Todd Bentley and claims of the miraculous.

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    Unbelievable? Abortion


    With 600 abortions carried out every day Dan Boucher of CARE explains why he believes the law needs to change. Pro-choice advocate Dr. Wendy Savage argues that a woman’s right to choose should come first.

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    Unbelievable? Embryology and medicine


    The HFE Bill going through Parliament will allow the creation of animal-human “hybrid” embryos. Lord David Alton says respect for human life is being trampled on. MP Ian Gibson says that it will allow medical progress. With contributions from Andrew Fergusson of the Christian Medical Fellowship.

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    Unbelievable? Yoga and Christianity


    Two Christian ministers in Taunton made the news recently when they refused a Yoga instructor the use of their church halls. Some have labelled their actions narrow-minded and intolerant. We discuss whether it’s ok for Christians to be involved with Yoga.