Former UK Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt recently tabled an amendment to the Coroners and Justice Bill seeking to allow people not to be prosecuted for aiding others to die at overseas euthanasia clinics.

Those who oppose Euthanasia see this is as part of a strategy to change the UK law that currently prohibits assisted suicide.

In this edition of “Unbelievable?” Atheist Peer Lord Dick Taverne (Lib Dem) and Dan Boucher, Parliamentary Officer for Christian charity CARE debate the rights and wrongs of Euthanasia. Lord Taverne believes that the evidence shows Euthanasia is a caring way of dealing with those who are suffering, Dan Boucher believes it will herald a slippery slope to the devaluing of life.

Hanne Stinson of the British Humanist Association and Trevor Stammers of the Christian Medical Fellowship also contribute.

Should we accept the wishes of those with terminal illness that wish to die? Or are we creating a culture of death?


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