Join us on Unbelievable presented by Ruth Jackson as we delve into the extraordinary life and work of the late Dr. Timothy J. Keller, a humble yet ambitious church leader who shaped faith in the modern world. 

Tim Keller’s impact extends far beyond his time, as he fearlessly explored the intricate relationship between faith and culture. With City to City, and other nonprofit organisations he spearheaded, and as the founding pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan alongside his wife Kathy, Keller seamlessly integrated ancient wisdom into the fabric of the modern city. With his quiet confidence and lack of defensiveness, he made faith thrilling and relevant, captivating hearts with timeless truths. As he neared the end of his journey, Keller taught us about death and dying well. He also shared invaluable advice from the book of Jeremiah: to live on the razor’s edge, embrace audacious faith; invest rather than simply consume, leaving a lasting impact on others; and let go of the pursuit of reputation, recognising the fleeting nature of worldly acclaim. Unbelievable? discusses the life of Tim Keller, his style and impact, the question of suffering, how he refused to be drawn in but navigated the culture wars, and the wisdom he leaves through his many books. Unbelievable? show host Ruth Jackson is joined by three guests who knew and worked with Keller. Lecrae, Grammy award-winning hip-hop artist and actor; Dr. Krish Kandiah, author and social activist; and Pete Wehner, journalist and senior fellow at Trinity Forum all offer candid insights into the profound ways Keller impacted their lives both personally and through his extensive body of work. As always let us know what you think! We love to hear from you so get in touch if you have stories to share. And enjoy this edition of Unbelievable as we honour Tim Keller life and legacy and the far-reaching influence of his ministry. 


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