The Big Conversation - Episode 4 | Season 5

What should we make of accounts of “near death experiences”? Do they give credible support to the possibility that there is life after death, or can they be explained away as mere physical phenomena? Indeed, what is the connection between the brain, consciousness, and “the soul” (if it even exists)?

Christian speaker and former neuroscientist Dr Sharon Dirckx, author of Am I Just My Brain?, engages with atheist philosopher Dr Emily Qureshi-Hurst, college lecturer and Junior Research Fellow at the University of Oxford and author of the book God, Salvation, and the Problem of Spacetime.


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The Big Conversation is a video series from Premier Unbelievable? featuring world-class thinkers across the religious and non-religious community. Exploring science, faith, philosophy and what it means to be human. The Big Conversation is produced by Premier Unbelievable? in partnership with John Templeton Foundation. 

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