‘Truth Over Tribe: Pledging allegiance to the lamb, not the donkey or the elephant’ is the name of the new book by Patrick Miller and Keith Simon. They are both church pastors in the USA who started the Truth Over Tribe podcast to combat polarisation in politics, culture and Christianity.

They talk to Justin about Trump, abortion, LGBT, Christian nationalism, progressives and conservatives, and how the church can be part of the solution rather than the problem of tribalism in politics and culture.

Justin is also joined by Tim Farron MP to talk about his new book ‘A Mucky Business: Why Christians should get involved in politics’.


For Keith and Patrick: https://choosetruthovertribe.com/

For A Mucky Business podcast: https://pod.link/1548503241

For A Mucky Business book: https://ivpbooks.com/a-mucky-business


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