With crucial elections happening in the UK and USA this year Unbelievable is diving back the debate into politics and faith with some paradigm shifting thinkers and theologians. Strap in for this mini-series starting with Michael F. Bird (Deputy Principal & New Testament scholar at Ridley College, Australia) and Stephen Wolfe (author of ‘The Case for Christian Nationalism’). These two come to vastly different conclusions about how faith and politics should mix. Stephen Wolfe makes a startling case for Christian nationalism. How can followers of Jesus be part of the solution bringing divided communities together asks Michael Bird, co-author with Tom “NT” Wright of ‘Jesus and the Powers?’  What are the boundaries of our personal beliefs?  How can we achieve the goods we wish to see in society?  In the coming weeks we will also hear from New Testament scholar Tom ‘NT’ Wright, Preston Sprinkle author of ‘Exiles: The church in the shadow of empire’ and ex-White House and presidential staffer Michael Wear


Michael F. Bird

Twitter: @mbird12

Blog: https://michaelfbird.substack.com

Channel: Early Christian History link to https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC21I7qYVHPsOzL9ujxiRWZA

Books: Amazon link to https://www.amazon.co.uk/Books-Michael-F-Bird/s?rh=n%3A266239%2Cp_27%3AMichael+F.+Bird


Stephen Wolfe


Book: The Case for Christian Nationalism


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