Andy Kind hosts today’s Unbelievable where the debate topic is Does Secular Humanism or Christianity offer a brighter future for the UK? We have teamed up with our friends at Aylesbury Vale Youth For Christ a pioneering youth ministry that holds debates in UK schools in the style of Unbelievable to engage the students in the big questions of life, faith and differing worldviews. A key component is that the students get to put their questions directly to the debaters. So grab your schoolbag as we join a fascinating debate held at the end of 2023 between secular humanist Neil McKain and Christian apologist Sara Stevenson. Neil McKain is also the vice-chairman of Humanists UK, and a religious studies teacher. Sara Stevenson who is a writer, speaker and theologian from the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics. This was a debate held at St Michaels School in Aylesbury, UK. The debate was moderated by head of Religious Studies, Mark Smallwood.


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