Unbelievable shows often benefit from a second listen and some even become classics. Today we are dipping into the concluding part of a conversation between noted Bible scholar Bart Ehrman and Richard Bauckham who debate each other with Justin Brierley in the hosting seat. This show was recorded following the publication of Ehrman’s 2016 book “Jesus Before the Gospels”. Bart Erhman recently debated Justin Bass on The Big Conversation which you can watch here. But in this show Bart Erhman makes the case that eyewitness testimony is very fallible and that the stories about Jesus that were written down in the Gospels would have changed shape over time. Noted scholar Richard Bauckham, author of “Jesus and the Eyewitnesses”, disagrees and defends the trustworthiness of eyewitness testimony and addresses the question of how Jesus’ sayings and stories would have been memorised and passed along. Coming soon the latest course from Premier Unbelievable Did it happen? The Birth of Jesus will explore Bauckman’s work further on the veracity of the details of Jesus’s birth in the Gospel accounts.


You can listen to part one of this discussion here


For Richard Bauckham: http://richardbauckham.co.uk

For Bart Ehrman: http://www.bartdehrman.com


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