How should the church respond to sexuality, gender and identity? How should we pastorally care for LGBT Christians? Are same-sex relationships permissible? What is a Christian response to transgender experience? 

Andrew Bunt and Charlie Bell are both gay Christians in church ministry who take different views on whether faithful discipleship allows for gay relationships and transgender expression. 

In his book ‘Finding Your Best Identity’, Andrew Bunt, Emerging Generations director at Living Out, explores what the Bible says about sexuality, gender and identity, and why he has adopted a celibate lifestyle in response to his biblical convictions.

In his book ‘Queer Holiness’, gay Anglican priest Charlie Bell affirms the place of LGBT people in all aspects of ministry and the case for same-sex marriage in the church.

Justin Brierley will host a live conversation between Andrew and Charlie on their differing journeys, theology of identity and marriage, and how the church should respond to LGBT Christians. There will be time for audience Q&A too.

This live online event is free to attend, but advance registration is essential.

Tuesday 7th February - via Zoom | 8pm-9.30pm GMT / 3pm-4.30pm EST / 12noon-1.30pm PST

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