Tuesday 21st March - via Zoom

8pm UK / 4pm EASTERN (DST) / 1pm PACIFIC (DST)

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Described as “the one Christian apologist who seems to have put the fear of God into many of my fellow atheists” by Sam Harris, William Lane Craig is arguably the world’s leading academic defender of Christian belief.

He has debated dozens of atheists and non-Christians over the years, published over 50 books, 200 peer-reviewed articles, and his Kalam Cosmological Argument is the most studied argument for God in contemporary western philosophy.

This live event is your opportunity to ask William Lane Craig anything. What questions or objections about Christian faith do you find most challenging or important?

Whether you’re a Christian seeking to grow in your faith, or a skeptic wanting to find out more, you’re invited to attend and submit your questions for on-the-spot answers.

William Lane Craig will also be in conversation with Justin Brierley about some of his latest projects and research. His online ministry Reasonable Faith has released an exciting new apologetics resource called Equip, and Dr Craig has been busy working on a complete systematic theology, as well as – in his own words – “grabbing the third rail with both hands” by taking on the question of Adam & Eve’s existence!

Please join us for this free online event. Registration essential.

Register for free at https://www.unbelievable.live/