Can you be a serious scientist and believe in God, and even believe in miracles? 

Tom Rudelius never thought much about God until his brother, a new convert to Christianity, challenged him to explore faith. Tom, now a rising young theoretical physicist based at Durham University in the UK made a journey to unexpected faith, through subsequent doubt and anxiety, and ultimately to a firmer, life-transforming allegiance to Jesus. Phil and Tom wrestle with creation and cosmic origins, the problem of evil and suffering, the compatibility of miracles with science and the plausibility of Jesus’ resurrection.

Phil Halper is an atheist, and Youtuber who’s interviewed leading physicists from Stephen Hawking, Sir Roger Penrose to Alan Guth for his YouTube series Before the Big Bang. He is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and published several papers in peer reviewed journals on the Problem of Animal Suffering and has a new film on the subject which features other leading atheists such as Peter Singer and Alex O’Connor. 

Taking on Phil is Tom Rudelius author of ‘Chasing proof, finding science’. Fresh from post doctoral research at UC Berkeley Tom is now Assistant Professor, Mathematical & Theoretical Particle Physics at Durham University, UK. Tom completed his undergraduate work at Cornell, earned a doctorate in physics at Harvard, and has conducted postdoctoral research at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey. His research focuses on string theory, quantum field theory, and early universe cosmology.  


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