Top apologist, Biola professor, and author Dr. Sean McDowell guest hosts Unbelievable on the topic, ‘Does God truly love everyone?’. Most Christians would say yes. At the heart of Christianity is a declaration that God so loved the world that he gave his only Son to make salvation possible for every single person. But there are very strongly held views across the spectrum about what happens when we die? What about those who have never heard? Is there a chance to acknowledge and accept God postmortem and spend eternity with him? How do we affirm the idea of God’s love for all and the idea held dear by some that Christ died for the elect. Andrew Hronich endeavors to synthesize the many strands of orthodox doctrine into a single telos: ultimate reconciliation. He is a current master’s student at Princeton Theological Seminary and an associate apologist, and the author of a new book “Once Loved Always Loved: The Logic of Apokatastasis”. Opposite him and arguing for the logic of damnation is Prof. Jerry Walls, Professor of Philosophy and Scholar in Residence at Houston Christian University and author of some twenty books including “Hell: The Logic of Damnation”.  


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Book: Once Loved Always Loved: The Logic of Apokatastasis

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