Stephen Hawking made headlines around the world when he announced that his M-Theory of cosmology has led him to conclude God did not create the universe and its “fine tuning” is the result of a multiverse.

Oxford mathematician and physicist Sir Roger Penrose worked alongside Hawking in developing gravitational singularity theorems. Roger is not himself a religious believer and is a member of the British Humanist Association. But he believes Hawking is wrong about M-theory, and that God’s existence doesn’t need to be dragged into things.

Alister McGrath is professor of Theology at Kings College London. His 2008 book “A Fine Tuned Universe” claims that there is fruitful discourse between Christian faith in God and the evidence of the Universe’s “fine tuning” for life we see from science.

They discuss where they disagree with Hawking’s book “The Grand Design”, whether God can be an explanation for our fine tuned universe and Roger’s own CCC theory of the Universe published as “Cycles of Time: an Extraordinary new view of the Universe”



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