In this episode, top British comedian and writer Milton Jones and Baptist minister, comedian and semi-finalist of Britain’s Got Talent, Allan Finnegan, offer a captivating behind-the-scenes glimpse into their world. 

From tackling ego and humility to navigating the rollercoaster of highs and lows, the discussion hosted by comedian and Unbelievable host Andy Kind delves into the intricate dance between comedy, faith and meaning. The paradox of not caring too much about opinions while needing audience approval takes centre stage, as the comedians share their tales of failure, emphasising the resilience needed to keep going. Small moments take on immense significance, and creating meaningful experiences for audiences becomes a driving force. 

The conversation explores the nuanced relationship between comedy and the church, addressing the challenges of meeting diverse expectations. Post-pandemic shifts in comedy and concerns about cancel culture add a contemporary twist. The intersection of comedy and faith sparks thought-provoking questions about its mission and potential to convey a narrative of hope, joy, peace, freedom, and love.

The conversation wraps up with reflections on truth personified and the pivotal role of authenticity in comedy.


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