Nov 15-21 2009 was the UK’s first “Interfaith” week. To mark this, Justin Brierley hosts a discussion on how faiths should relate to each other when it comes evangelism and missionary activity. They discuss a document of Ten guidelines for witnessing to those of other faiths. But does the document stifle freedom of speech? Where should we draw the line between being honest and open and being offensive and demeaning in our interfaith encounters?

Andrew Smith of Scripture Union is the director of “Youth Encounter” helping Christian young people live out their faith amongst Muslims. He was involved in drafting 10 Ethical Guidelines for Christian and Muslim Witness in Britain.

Jay Smith is a Christian evangelist to Muslims with a “no-holds-barred” approach. He disagrees with aspects of the document and explains why.

Dr Muhammad Al-Hussaini is fellow in Islamic studies and Jewish Muslim relations at Leo Baeck Rabbinical College. He explains why he finds Jay Smith’s style of evangelism harmful.

Jay Lakhani is Director of the Hindu Academy and represents a Hindu perspective on the issue of evangelism and conversion



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