To begin with, I am not a fan of the Royal Family. I find the whole thing out dated and in need of a make over. But seeing them squirm over Bishop Michael Curry’s sermon was brilliant. He didn’t say anything offensive or rude, he spoke from the heart about the God he believes in with so much passion. It made me jealous that I didn’t have the faith he clearly has. 

In one sense, Bishop Michael’s sermon wasn’t anything new. Many Church goers will already be familiar with the stories. But he also told the stories in another way; a way less scripted and more personal.


Bishop Michael took the plain verses of scripture and and converted them into a passionate and relevant speech of today.  The faith he has in the world and it’s people was infectious. He was correct in all the things he said about love being the way. Indeed, how amazing would this world be if love was the way!

“He didn’t die for anything he could get out of it.  Jesus did not get an honorary doctorate for dying.  He didn’t… he wasn’t getting anything out of it.  He gave up his life, he sacrificed his life, for the good of others, for the good of the other, for the well being of the world… for us”

Alongside that, seeing the stiff upper lipped Royal Family cringing and fidgeting at Bishop Michael’s enthusiasm and the method he chooses to spread the word of his God was just brilliant. 

Bishop Michael Curry was a breath of fresh air for me personally. I don’t think people will say he wasn’t entertaining or didn’t preach a good message. Whether you are non-believer like me, or a believer like my wife who has a relationship with God, the message really resonates. It will certainly be remembered for years to come.

Sign me up if he goes on tour. 


Simon Stillwell is an engineer