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    Unapologetic #96 Jay Y Kim: Analogue presence in a digital world


    Jay Y Kim shares his experience as a pastor in Silicon Valley. How is technology forming us? In what ways can we help young people live fruitfully in the digital space? How do we navigate AI? Are there any tips for finding rest in the midst of the busyness? In an era of misinformation, how do we decipher what is actually true?

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    Unapologetic #95 Jay Y Kim: Doubt and deconstruction


    Jay Y Kim, a pastor in Silicon Valley and author of multiple books including Listen, Listen, Speak, shares his experience of losing and rediscovering his faith. What are some of the reasons people leave the Church or aren’t even remotely interested in the first place? What should we do with our doubts? How do we ensure everyone feels welcome?

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    Running from God – a Jehovah’s Witness’ journey away from and back towards God


    Claire Dooley grew up in a large religious family in Mississippi. Here, she shares some of her reasons for leaving the faith and why, after years of atheism and in her moment of deepest despair, she started exploring Christianity