Louisiana governor Jeff Landry recently ordered that every public school classroom must display a poster of the Ten Commandments – the first US state to do so. Author Drew Cordell shares why he believes this is unhelpful

I woke up this morning to the BBC headline that Louisiana had just enshrined into law that the Ten Commandments must be displayed in all Louisiana public school classrooms up until university level. As a Christian I nearly choked on my own oxygen. 


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I have meaningfully been a Christian over the past 20 years. I fully understand that the Christian faith has declined in belief and relevance over this period in every single quadrant of the western world. To think that the American state of Louisiana has incorporated such a law was a legitimate shock. 

If we look at the character and actions of Jesus in the New Testament of the Bible, we see a person who, in all likelihood, who wouldn’t be endorsing the draconian measures that have been recently enforced by the governor of Louisiana. 

If a Christian thinks that one can force the teachings of Christianity down someone’s throat and get results, then one must obtain access to a mirror.


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Does the Christian appreciate when “woke” or other ideology is impressed upon their children? Does any human being appreciate having force-fed ideology being directed towards them? Two wrongs don’t make a right here. 

There is a difference between persuasion and coercion. I hope Governor Jeff Landry discovers the distinction soon enough.  Christians must aspire to be the gold standard of all that Christ embodied in his earthly life. Indoctrination is not the solution. Persuasion is. 


Drew Cordell is a business consultant who has worked alongside some of the world’s most successful businesses and their leaders in an extensive corporate career in both London and Australia. His new book Honest Christianity: Why People Choose to Believe is available on Amazon and all good bookstores.