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About the book

Richard Dawkins = Christian evangelist?

Editors Denis Alexander and Alister McGrath gather other intelligent minds from around the world to share their startling commonality: Richard Dawkins and his fellow New Atheists were instrumental in their conversions to Christianity.

Despite a wide range of backgrounds and cultures, all are united in the fact that they were first enthusiasts for the claims and writings of the New Atheists. But each became disillusioned by the arguments and conclusions of Dawkins, causing them to look deeper and with more objectivity at religious faith. The fallacies of Christianity Dawkins warns of simply don’t exist.

Spending time in this fascinating and powerful book is like being invited to the most interesting dinner party you’ve ever attended. Listen as twelve men and women from five different countries across a variety of professions–philosophers, artists, historians, engineers, scientists, and more–explain their journeys from atheism to faith. In the end, you may come away having reached the same conclusion: authentic Christian faith is in fact more intellectually convincing and rational than New Atheism.

“Lucid as well as exhilarating and wide-ranging.” –Rupert Shortt, Von Hügel Institute, University of Cambridge, and author of God Is No Thing

“Many people, including nonbelievers like me, have found Dawkins’s strident atheism upsetting to the point of offensive. I would never have thought that–as Coming to Faith Through Dawkins shows in wonderful detail–for some, Dawkins’s rantings were the spur to Christian faith.” –Michael Ruse, Professor of Philosophy Emeritus, University of Guelph, Ontario

“This is a novel book: real-life stories of people who have actually come to faith, not in spite of but through Richard Dawkins. It must be his own worst nightmare!” –William Lane Craig, Houston Christian University