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    Unbelievable? Does God speak today through dreams, visions & prophecy? Tania Harris & Jim Osman


    Tania Harris, founding director of God Conversations and author of ‘The Church who hears God’s Voice’ makes a biblical and experiential case for the ongoing activity of the Spirit communicating through dreams, visions and prophecy. She engages with cessationist pastor Jim Osman. author of ‘God Doesn’t Whisper’, who argues that people who claim to hear God’s voice are misled and that the Bible is the only way in which Gods revelation comes to us today.

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    Unbelievable? Angels, visions and near death encounters - Dale C Allison on whether skeptics can take religious experiences seriously


    From rapturous joy to inexplicable terror, angelic encounters to near death experiences, New Testament scholar Dale Allison has researched a wide range of phenomena in his new book ‘Encountering Mystery: Religious Experience in a Secular Age’. He tells of his own experiences and explains why they are more common than many people realise, and why skeptics shouldn’t dismiss them out of hand. Justin also brings listener questions from atheists and believers.