Is the occult just harmless fun? Or are there hidden dangers to alternative spirituality, satanism, and even new-age practices? Increasingly the debate is not about good vs evil but my truth vs your truth. Ex-psychic Jenn Nizza tells the story of her escape from the occult to Christianity to host Billy Hallowell journalist and author of ‘Playing with Fire’. Joining the conversation is deliverance minister Mike Signorelli, lead pastor and founder of V1 Church based in New York City. So is popular culture capitalising on our interest in all things satanic and demonic, or leading us to it? Pauline follows the story of Pauline, an 18-year-old who has school stress, the climate crisis, and the general downfall of society weighing on her mind. This becomes even more complicated when she becomes pregnant from a one-night stand with Lukas, who turns out to be the devil.  What’s even more surprising is that this German original show has been green-lit by Disney+, the home of Pixar movies, Mickey Mouse, and National Geographic. So what’s going on here? Should we be pushing back against this obsession with evil, or just chilling out?  And are we in danger of creating a future that no-one wants to live in?


Jenn Nizza

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Mike Signarelli


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