Should we be fearful or make friends with our robot helpers?   And how can humans flourish in this brave new world?  One of our guests today on Unbelievable believes the hidden power of humans is that we are imperfect yet essential?

Roger Bolton hosts this edition of Unbelievable with writer and theologian Dr. Eve Poole and Prof. Beth Singler, a digital ethnographer. 

Our seemingly irrational qualities, like emotions and intuition, are what Unbelievable guest Dr. Eve Poole calls the “junk” code that define humanity, fostering the reciprocal altruism that sustains our existence. 

Eve Poole’s argument might upset or even offend those with a fairly traditional faith, as she argues that we should consider giving robots ‘souls’. But if we give robots, as Eve suggests,  the ‘junk code’ of humans, will that lead to calls to give robots rights? How do we feel about giving rights to a toaster? Eve Poole did her PhD in Theology and Capitalism at the University of Cambridge and is an expert on leadership and education. 

Professor Beth Singler is a digital ethnographer based at the University of Zurich. Beth explores the social, ethical, philosophical and religious implications of advances in Artificial Intelligence and robotics.


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