Did you hear the one about the three philosophers? Yes, on Unbelievable? 👀 🧠 🎙️In this episode, Oxford philosopher Stephen Law, the main proponent of the Evil God Challenge, argues that the evidential problem of evil challenges the belief in a good God. ⚡️ Jack Symes contends that there are asymmetries between the arguments for believing in a good God and an evil God. The debate examines the distribution of good and evil in the world as evidence and explores how theists defend belief in a good God through theodicies, revelation, and religious experience.

Jack Symes is a public philosopher and researcher in philosophy at Durham University, whose academic research lies at the intersection of philosophy of mind and religion. Jack is best known as the producer of The Panpsycast Philosophy Podcast, one of the UK’s most popular higher education podcasts. His books include Philosophers on God: Talking about Existence (2024) and Defeating the Evil-God Challenge: In Defence of God’s Goodness (2024). He was recently named one of BBC’s New Generation Thinkers for 2024. Stephen Law is a philosopher and author, currently Director of Philosophy and Cert HE at Oxford University Department of Continuing Education. Stephen has published many popular books, including The Philosophy Gym, The Complete Philosophy Files, and Believing Bullshit.


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📚Books Mentioned:

The Philosophy Gym: https://shorturl.at/qWTcX (UK) https://shorturl.at/HmBKk (USA)

The Complete Philosophy Files: https://shorturl.at/KcQxE (UK) https://shorturl.at/v9OEL (USA)



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📚Books Mentioned:

Philosophers on God: Talking about Existence https://shorturl.at/SfRpt (UK) https://encr.pw/G5RRS (USA)

Defeating the Evil-God Challenge: In Defence of God’s Goodness https://encr.pw/b4bkM (UK) https://l1nk.dev/pBUfD (USA) 


For school talks/media: stephenlaw4schools.blogspot.co.uk

Link to Jack’s book @_JackSymes

Link to Stephen’s blog

The Complete Philosophy Files, Orion 2011

The Philosophy Gym: 25 Short Adventures in Thinking, Headline 2004

The Great Philosophers: The Lives and Ideas of History’s Greatest Thinkers, Greenfinch 2013


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