Where is God to be found when facing the no-joke reality of a terminal diagnosis for cancer? Two comedians, who are both Christians, are facing just this challenge. This discussion between Steve Legg and Allan Finnegan hosted by Andy Kind will transform the way you think about terminal illness. This uplifting show explores why two men in the prime of life feel closer to God than before they received their devastating diagnoses.

Allan Finnegan competed in the 2020 series of the ITV variety competition Britain’s Got Talent and got to the semi-finals with his comedy act. After the show, Allan a Baptist minister continued working at his church in Bootle, UK as normal but sought medical advice when he started to experience some issues with his vision in 2022. He has now been given one year to live after being diagnosed with a rare cancer and has been told by doctors they can do nothing more for him.  See below for his GoFundMe.

Steve Legg is also a funnyman of faith who was given 120 days to live. He’s already passed that and his phenomenally successful book The Last Laugh tells the gripping story of rather than get busy dying he got busy living. Like Allan, Steve’s story offers genuine hope in the face of death.


For Steve Legg:

Get Steve Legg’s book ‘The Last Laugh’ here https://amzn.eu/d/aUVMXtv

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stevelegguk/

X (Twitter): @stevelegguk


For Allan Finnegan:

Allan’s treatment is not available on the NHS but you can help pay for his potentially life-saving treatment here at Allan’s GoFundMe page https://gofund.me/ad0bd7b8

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rev_allan_finnegan

X (Twitter): @aifinnegan


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