Science, Faith, and the Evidence for God with John Lennox - online training course

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Two thirds of people believe that science and religion are incompatible according to a recent UK survey, and many of the key atheist voices in our culture have used science as a battering ram against Christian belief.

But there’s a different story to be told about science and faith, and few people better to tell it than John Lennox: Emeritus professor of Mathematics and Philosophy of Science at the University of Oxford.

In this online video course from Premier Unbelievable? on Science, Faith and the Evidence for God you’re invited to learn from one of the most celebrated Christian thinkers of our time through his conversations with atheist thinker Michael Ruse and secular talk show host Dave Rubin, hosted by Premier Unbelievable? presenter Justin Brierley, who will also narrate and guide you through the material.

Across the course’s nine modules you’ll discover:

    • How Christianity grounds the evidence for God

    • Why Christianity led to the rise of modern science

    • What response we can give to the question of evil

    • Whether miracles are anti-scientific

    • Why atheism and science can’t account for human value

    • Why Christianity explains the biggest questions our culture is asking.

As well as Justin’s guide to these top flight conversations, the course includes supplementary video material from lectures delivered by John Lennox on God, faith and science along with questions and assignments to help you ground the various learning points in each module.

Enrol now and learn how to make sense of science, Christianity and secular culture.