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    Can the Gospels be trusted? The presence of casual coincidence


    Gospel, Bible, reliability, manuscript, eye witness, testimony, coincidences, story, made up,Philosopher and author of Testimonies to the Truth: Why You Can Trust the Gospels, Lydia McGrew, looks at some key elements that point to the genuineness of eye witness testimony within the Gospel narratives

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    Unapologetic #44 Bruce Miller: Is the Bible reliable?


    In this final episode, Bruce Miller, author of The 7 Big Questions: Searching for God, Truth, and Purpose, explores objections towards the Bible, including whether it is sexist, racist and out of date. Bruce also asks whether we can know and experience God personally, looking at why he doesn’t make himself more obvious.

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    4 reasons why Christians believe the Bible is God’s Word


    Could you answer hard questions about the Bible from those who are sceptical? Heather Tomlinson shares some advice