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    Unbelievable? Is violence ever justified? The dilemma of Nigeria’s Christians with Hassan John and Roger Bolton


    This week, Unbelievable host Roger Bolton speaks to Archdeacon Hassan John, an Anglican minister from Jos in northern Nigeria who has lived through much of the violence.  A former journalist, he is now a church leader and campaigner for religious liberty, who tries to bring reconciliation between Christians and Muslims in the region. Hassan recalls harrowing tales of near-miss encounters with Islamic extremists and on-going anti-Christian violence which continues to tear apart communities.  He also discusses how he and other Christians attempt to work with Muslim in their communities to prevent the violence.

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    Ask NT Wright Anything #140 Q&A on racial reconciliation and female leadership with Pastor Miles McPherson Pt 2


    Tom speaks on the role of the church in racial reconcliation in the USA and why he believes the Bible affirms the leadership roles of both men and women. This is the second part of Tom’s on-stage interview with Pastor Miles McPherson, recorded at Rock Church, San Diego in 2019.