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    Unapologetic #47 Jeremiah Johnston: The 7 best reasons to believe Jesus rose from the dead


    New Testament scholar Dr Jeremiah Johnston shares ground-breaking research from his new book Body of Proof: The 7 Best Reasons to Believe in the Resurrection of Jesus-and Why It Matters Today’. He also explains how we can experience overwhelming hope in the midst of great suffering if Jesus really rose from the dead.

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    Unbelievable? Ask William Lane Craig Anything


    Renowned Christian thinker William Lane Craig answers listener questions on a live edition of the show. He responds to questions on philosophy, Adam & Eve, suffering, the worst argument for God and more. Plus we hear from Jeremiah J Johnston on the 7 best reasons to believe in the resurrection.

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    Apologetics: What is it and how do we use it?


    It’s not about saying sorry. Joel Furches says making an intellectual defence for Christian faith has a long history