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    Unapologetic #94 Hannah Martin: Makeup royalty on supporting those who struggle with Mother’s Day


    Renowned makeup artist Hannah Martin explores how to support people who find Mother’s Day difficult for a plethora of different reasons. She bravely shares her own journey of losing her mother and her heart-breaking struggle with infertility and miscarriage. Are there practical ways churches can support those who are grieving? How do we celebrate Mothering Sunday in a sensitive way? Where can we look for hope?

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    Unapologetic #57 Elliott Rae: Fatherhood, mental health and masculinity


    Following the birth of his daughter, Elliott Rae was diagnosed with PTSD. Here, the founder of MusicFootballFatherhood (dubbed “the dads’ version of Mumsnet” by the BBC) speaks to Ruth Jackson about experiencing God in the midst of suffering. He shares how becoming a father changed his life and theology. Plus, we hear about how Dwayne Johnson - aka ‘The Rock’ - ended up sharing an article he wrote!