This week we dip back into the postbag to look at some more listener questions. 

First up we return to our episode looking at recent shifts in abortion rates – is the narrative of ‘it’s my body and I’ll do what I want’ what is truly driving increases in abortion figures in recent years, or is that a bit of a myth?

We also take a closer look into recent reports that expose how cutting-edge artificial intelligence models are being trained by incredibly underpaid and exploited workers in the developing world. How should we as Christians respond to what is being claimed as the exploitation of workers around the globe in the name of technological advancement that seeks to benefit humanity? Should governments moderate this kind of employment or is there an argument that digital technology is actually positively transforming economic outlook in the third world?

Finally we wrap up today’s episode considering if the UK government’s recent AI Safety Summit is meaningless ‘motherhood and apple pie’ platitudes and, if so, how can we actually push for meaningful regulation?


The WIRED article on the underpaid workers from poorer nations helping train AI data sets 

The UK government’s Bletchley Declaration on AI safety