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    The CS Lewis Podcast #139 Phil Knox: The fate of the unevangelised


    In the second part of his discussion about why The Narnia Chronicles make him cry, evangelist Phil Knox looks at why Prince Caspian contains one of the best definitions of evangelism.

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    The CS Lewis Podcast #138 Phil Knox: Why the Narnia Chronicles make me cry


    ”Daddy, why are you crying? It’s only a lion!” Evangelist Phil Knox shares his experience of reading The Narnia Chronicles with his young son and the impact these books have had on his own life. Why is The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe significant for so many people? And how does The Horse and his Boy depict the Christian story so profoundly?

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    Did CS Lewis like Christmas?


    Professor Alister McGrath shares his thoughts about how Lewis perceived the festive season and what we can learn from him

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    The CS Lewis Podcast #135 David Bates: What did Christmas mean to Lewis?


    David Bates from Pints With Jack shares some of CS Lewis’ thoughts about Christmas. What are some of his key works that elucidate this topic? Did the festive period lose its significance when Lewis became an atheist? Plus, we catch up on how the inaugural CS Lewis Reading Day went last month.

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    The CS Lewis Podcast #85 A magical Narnia trail


    There is something inherently Christmassy about The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and a church in the North East of England have used Lewis’ classic children’s tale to put on a special event, inviting local families to engage with the Christmas story in an imaginative way.