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    Me and my shadow: how should we respond to our inner darkness?


    With dark stories dominating our news cycles, Erik Strandness explores what our response should be to the darkness inside us

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    Was Halloween originally a Christian festival?


    Matt Arnold, editor of The Christian Parapsychologist Journal, explores the origins of Halloween and suggests they are firmly rooted in the Church

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    Unbelievable? Is Halloween harmless fun?


    Get ready for a spine-tingling edition of Unbelievable. Hosted by Billy Hallowell, we’re diving headfirst into Halloween hysteria. Is it all innocent fun or something more sinister? Join the conversation with ex-healer Angela Ucci, pastor Ray Comfort who after being petrified of Halloween decided to use it to tell people about Jesus. Rounding up the discussion Unbelievable welcomes Matt Arnold, editor of The Christian Parapsychologist Journal. We’ll uncover the mysteries, explore the spiritual realm, and ask the big question: should we celebrate?