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    The CS Lewis Podcast #85 A magical Narnia trail


    There is something inherently Christmassy about The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and a church in the North East of England have used Lewis’ classic children’s tale to put on a special event, inviting local families to engage with the Christmas story in an imaginative way.


    The CS Lewis Podcast #73 Dr Michael Ward Q&A with young people Pt 2


    In this second part of a live kids Q&A on Narnia, recorded at Oxford University, Dr Michael Ward continues to answer questions such as ‘Where did the wood between the worlds come from?’, ‘Can people from Narnia enter our world?’ and ‘Is Narnia something CS Lewis experienced as a child?’

  • Michael-Ward-Part1

    The CS Lewis Podcast #72 Kids ask their Narnia questions of Dr Michael Ward Pt. 1


    Recorded live at Oxford University, Narnia expert Dr Michael Ward engages with a panel of young people with a variety of questions about Narnia and CS Lewis. How old is Narnia? How many ways are there into Narnia? Were the Pevensie children destined to go through the wardrobe?… and many more.