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    Unapologetic #77 Amy Orr-Ewing: Why does Mary matter?


    Dr Amy Orr-Ewing, author of Mary’s Voice, shares the story of her academic father becoming a Christian and how that impacted their whole family. She describes the experience of being grilled by 14 Oxford dons about her theology undergraduate exam papers the day before her wedding! Plus, Amy explains why she is so impacted by the person of Mary, and how her example brings hope in the midst of deep darkness.

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    Matthew Perry’s friends probably were there for him, but did it ultimately matter?


    Drew Cordell, author of Honest Christianity: Why People Choose to Believe, reflects on the sad passing of Friends actor Matthew Perry

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    Unapologetic #22 Tom Holland: How the Bible made the Western world


    Historian Tom Holland, author of ‘Dominion’, shares why the Bible is the most influential book in the world, shaping concepts of equality, human rights, democacy and more. A conversation recorded live with Justin Brierley at the IllumiNations Europe conference in Scotland.