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    Unapologetic #108 Michael Lloyd: Why did God create wasps?


    Why are our prayers not answered? Where does the cross fit into the problem of suffering? Why did God create creatures like mosquitoes, poisonous snakes and wasps? Does God always get his way? Can good ever come out of suffering? Rev Dr Michael Lloyd, author of Cafe Theology, continues his discussion about evil and suffering.

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    Unapologetic #107 Michael Lloyd: Why does evil exist?


    Rev Dr Michael Lloyd, author of Cafe Theology, explores a number of Christian responses to evil and suffering. Which theories are the most intellectually, emotionally and pastorally consistent and satisfying? We also look at the doctrine of the fall. Why is it significant? Is it compatible with evolution? Was there a fall of angelic beings as well as humanity?

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    Thanksgiving: Can we be thankful to no one?


    As we approach a season of thankfulness, author Drew Cordell explores whether it is possible to cultivate gratitude in the void