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    Unbelievable? The resurrection: Fact or fiction? Harry Amos vs Joe Boot hosted by Ruth Jackson


    Did Jesus really rise from the dead? Is there any good evidence to support the resurrection? Are alternative explanations more compelling? Can we trust the biblical narratives? Ruth Jackson hosted a live debate at a school with the help of Aylesbury Youth for Christ. She was joined by Rev Dr Joseph Boot, founder and president of the Ezra Institute for Contemporary Christianity, and Harry Amos, who moved from Christianity to “agnostic atheism” while studying philosophy, politics and economics and blogs about his experience at The Book of Amos.

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    The CS Lewis Podcast #58 Myth Became Fact - CS Lewis’ essays and short writings


    CS Lewis discusses the importance of ‘myth’ in this critique of those who want to ‘demythologise’ Christianity. He explains why Christ is the ‘true myth’ that all other stories of dying and rising gods are pointing towards.