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    The CS Lewis Podcast #133 Alister McGrath: Was Lewis a prophet and does he speak to contemporary cultural issues?


    Professor Alister McGrath and Ruth Jackson continue their discussion about whether CS Lewis is still relevant. Was he something of a prophet? What can we learn about the way Lewis engaged with modern media? How did he make complicated theological concepts relatable? In what ways has Lewis influenced our culture and is he able to speak to contemporary topical issues, such as transgenderism?

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    What is Wicca and how does it differ from Christianity?


    Apologist Joel Furches explores the central beliefs of Wicca and looks at its historical relationship with Christianity

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    Unapologetic #78 Amy Orr-Ewing: Why are women central to the Christian story?


    Dr Amy Orr-Ewing, author of Mary’s Voice, explores the context of Mary, mother of Jesus, and looks at why women play such a significant role in Christianity. Plus, what is the Magnificat, why is it so revolutionary? And how is it relevant today?

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    Unapologetic #77 Amy Orr-Ewing: Why does Mary matter?


    Dr Amy Orr-Ewing, author of Mary’s Voice, shares the story of her academic father becoming a Christian and how that impacted their whole family. She describes the experience of being grilled by 14 Oxford dons about her theology undergraduate exam papers the day before her wedding! Plus, Amy explains why she is so impacted by the person of Mary, and how her example brings hope in the midst of deep darkness.

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    The CS Lewis Podcast #130 David Bates: Pints with Jack


    Ruth Jackson speaks to David Bates from the Pints With Jack podcast about how a local book club became a popular show and website. They discuss how David’s journey with CS Lewis began (“like most people, it began with a wardrobe”) and developed. Plus, what are some of the most surprising things he’s learnt about Lewis?

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    The CS Lewis Podcast #129 Dr Carolyn Weber: Surprised by Oxford


    Dr Carolyn Weber, author of Surprised by Oxford, shares her fascinating story of coming to faith from atheism at Oxford University. Her journey, which mimics CS Lewis’ own in many ways, has recently been turned into a feature film. What did Lewis mean by “surprised by joy”? Why are stories so powerful? Why has Lewis so often contributed to people’s conversions?

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    Unbelievable? Is Halloween harmless fun?


    Get ready for a spine-tingling edition of Unbelievable. Hosted by Billy Hallowell, we’re diving headfirst into Halloween hysteria. Is it all innocent fun or something more sinister? Join the conversation with ex-healer Angela Ucci, pastor Ray Comfort who after being petrified of Halloween decided to use it to tell people about Jesus. Rounding up the discussion Unbelievable welcomes Matt Arnold, editor of The Christian Parapsychologist Journal. We’ll uncover the mysteries, explore the spiritual realm, and ask the big question: should we celebrate?

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    Unapologetic #75 Sarah Irving-Stonebraker: How an atheist academic moved towards belief in God


    Former atheist-turned Christian Associate  Sarah Irving-Stonebraker shares how studying some of the founders of modern science challenged her assumption that religion and science were fundamentally opposed. She also highlights the moment she realised her atheism could no longer sustain her moral commitments.

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    Cobbler turned missionary: How William Carey brought hope to the hopeless


    Author Mark Roques explores the life of Baptist preacher William Carey 

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    Is there a future for evangelicalism in the West?


    Sam Reimer, professor of sociology and author of Caught in the Current, explores the decline of Christianity in light of the three ways religious groups can grow

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    Unapologetic #74 Michael Lloyd: Should we all study theology?


    Rev Dr Michael Lloyd, author of Cafe Theology, shares his story including why he got ordained, how he ended up in academia and why he changed his mind on the ordination of women. He also discusses how to assess the veracity of doctrines and why he believes everyone should study theology.

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    Is there a rebirth of belief in God?


    Erik Strandness reviews Justin Brierley’s new book 

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    Unapologetic #73 Peter Byrom: Dawkins’ argument from complexity


    In the final part of their discussion, Peter Byrom delves into Dawkins’ argument from complexity, suggesting it may be a circular assumption. They unpack Dawkins’ fascinating exchange with Francis Collins in 2022, where Dawkins admits he may have a presupposition towards materialism. Plus, what does the future hold?

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    Discovering purpose: An engineer's evolution from atheism to a life filled with meaning


    Apologist Jana Harmon shares the story of Neil Placer, who discovered the Christian faith via years of atheism 

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    Unapologetic #72 Peter Byrom: Disillusioned with Dawkins


    Peter Byrom continues to share his faith journey as told in the chapter he contributed to Coming to Faith Through Dawkins. He discloses how challenging Richard Dawkins on why he wouldn’t debate William Lane Craig led to him becoming something of a YouTube sensation! Peter also shares why he believes apologetics is important and what the final nail in his atheist coffin was.

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    Transformed: How a despised Indian child became an evangelist


    Jehu Limma, founder of HopeGiving Foundation, shares his remarkable journey from “untouchable” to helping children out of poverty

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    Unapologetic #71 Peter Byrom: Discovering Dawkins


    In the first episode of this three-part series, Peter Byrom shares his fascinating story as told in the chapter he contributed to Coming to Faith Through Dawkins. He outlines how he encountered the apologist William Lane Craig via the New Atheists and discusses his growing disillusionment with Dawkins’ “devastating” argument from complexity.

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    Does deconstruction signal the death of faith?


    Erik Strandness reflects on deconstruction and reconstruction following an Unbelievable show on this topic

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    Unapologetic #70 Phil Knox: Dealing with objections


    Why do many people deem religion irrelevant? What are some of the biggest objections to belief in God? Why are droves of young people leaving the Church? Evangelist Phil Knox shares some of his thoughts about these big topics and gives some tips on how to share your faith effectively.

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    Unapologetic #69 Phil Knox: Does evangelism matter?


    Evangelist Phil Knox, author of Story Bearer and The Best of Friends, shares some of his story with Ruth Jackson, speaking about the impact of his dad’s death at a young age. Plus, they discuss why evangelism matters and how we can share our story and be a “good news person in a bad news world”.