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    Unbelievable? Why do humans try to play God? Nick Spencer vs Emily Qureshi Hurst hosted by Andy Kind


    For too long, the ‘science and religion’ debate has fixated on creation, evolution, cosmology, miracles and quantum theory, and not enough on the essence of what it means to be human. But this is a mistake argues one of our guests today, Christian academic Nick Spencer, Senior Fellow at Theos, in his new book ‘Playing God: science, religion and the future of humanity.’ Back on the show is Emily Qureshi-Hurst expert on the philosophy of time.

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    The CS Lewis Podcast #143 That Hideous Strength: Is technology dangerous?


    Alister McGrath explores how CS Lewis addresses the perceived conflict between God and science. What insights can Lewis give about pertinent issues such as the atomic age, eugenics and Artificial Intelligence? When does technology becomes technocracy and why was Tolkien so anti tech? What are some of the ways religion is being challenged and how does Lewis expose these critiques?

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    Unapologetic #86 Andrew Gosler: Why the neo-Darwinian framing of evolution is profoundly flawed


    Rev Andrew Gosler, professor of Ethno-ornithology at Oxford University, highlights some of the deficiencies he sees in Richard Dawkins’ work. He also shares the potential limitations and dangers of a neo-Darwinian framing of evolution, such as racism and eugenics.