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    Unapologetic #77 Amy Orr-Ewing: Why does Mary matter?


    Dr Amy Orr-Ewing, author of Mary’s Voice, shares the story of her academic father becoming a Christian and how that impacted their whole family. She describes the experience of being grilled by 14 Oxford dons about her theology undergraduate exam papers the day before her wedding! Plus, Amy explains why she is so impacted by the person of Mary, and how her example brings hope in the midst of deep darkness.

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    Unapologetic #75 Sarah Irving-Stonebraker: How an atheist academic moved towards belief in God


    Former atheist-turned Christian Associate Professor Sarah Irving-Stonebraker shares how studying some of the founders of modern science challenged her assumption that religion and science were fundamentally opposed. She also highlights the moment she realised her atheism could no longer sustain her moral commitments.