Author Drew Cordell reflects on the death of British celebrity doctor and looks at what we can learn from his life 

Tragic news came through on the weekend that the body of missing British celebrity doctor Michael Mosley had been found on the Greek island of Symi. Mosley was holidaying with his wife Dr Claire Bailey on the island when he went missing on Wednesday 5th June after setting off on a walk.


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The words celebrity and doctor aren’t really considered to be a category when compared with the well-known celebrity chef genre. But Mosley essentially created the category and seemingly occupied that space alone. He is most famous for his books The Fast Diet, which advocates for the practices of intermittent fasting and The 8-week Blood Sugar Diet, which has transformed the way I eat and live given that I was a pre-diabetic 35-year-old when first reading it. 

In addition, he has produced many high-quality documentaries that communicated complex medical processes and best practices, which the everyday layperson could understand and implement into their own lives.

Mosley’s fervent desire to improve health outcomes of people across the globe has been the predominant reason for the widespread outpouring of grief. He was famous because he helped people and not simply entertained them. For people like me whose health has been significantly improved by his instruction, we have combinedly felt a sense of guilt that we couldn’t reciprocate in helping him in his deepest hours of need.

While coming from a long line of Christian missionaries, Mosley identified as agnostic, but certainly lived out the Christian ideal that one should steward and take prestigious care of their body and health. This practice is not nearly focused on enough in Christian circles generally, especially in the light of believing that we are created in the very image of God. 


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Christians would do well to look upon the life of Mosley as a great example in this respect.

Dr Michael Mosley has lived a life of great service to us all. My sincerest condolences go to his wife Clare, his four children, and all his friends and colleagues in this most difficult time.


Drew Cordell is a business consultant who has worked alongside some of the world’s most successful businesses and their leaders in an extensive corporate career in both London and Australia. His new book Honest Christianity: Why People Choose to Believe is available on Amazon and all good bookstores.