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    The unintended consequences of sperm donation


    A recent Netflix documentary, The Man With A 1000 Kids, has shone a light on the often under-discussed topic of sperm donation. It exposes a Dutch man as a prolific and deceptive sperm donor who compulsively fathers children around the world via donated sperm. 

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    Unapologetic #63 Ana Ávila: Faith, questions and apologetics in Latin America


    Mexican writer Ana Ávila, who lives in Guatemala, shares her insights into religion in Latin America. How do we probe our beliefs? What does evangelism look like in a nominally Christian culture? How is apologetics received in some of these countries and what are the big questions being asked? 

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    Unapologetic #49 Lydia McGrew: Is an evidential approach to Christianity feasible?


    Dr Lydia McGrew, an analytic philosopher and author, became a Christian at the age of 4. She shares some of her story with Ruth Jackson, including her experience of being adopted, her prevailing wrestle with the problem of evil and why she’s passionate about an evidential approach to Christianity.